Monthly Creative Challenge

The Monthly Creative Challenge wants to make the world a more creative place. Each month, we will issue a prompt an idea to get the creative gears turning, a jumping off place, a spark.

We invite everyone to participate. Everyone. We are all creative beings, and our lives are our masterwork. We would like you to feed that creative energy inside yourself, make it stronger every day.

What can you create? Drawings. Poems. Pastries. Sculptures. Apps. Stories. Tattoos. Billboards. Socks. Letters. Songs. Machines. Photos. Dance moves. Slideshows. Puzzles. If you can think it, you can create it.

You don’t have to be a visual artist.

This is not about masterpieces. Have fun. Enjoy the act of creating. Challenge your friends, your kids, your neighbor. Laugh out loud at yourself. Make yourself a little uncomfortable. Try something new.

No judgement. No prizes. This is a safe, creative space. Explore. Join us.


How to Particiate

Use the prompt as a jumping of place. What does it make you think of. With that idea go make something. Take a photo or video of that something, post it on instagram, and tag @monthlycreativechallenge & #monthlycreativechallenge so that we can see it. And now comes the best part, tag some of your friends–challenge them!